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Choosing the right preschool has become a great task for parents today! On a daily basis we  come across parents who have various fears with regards to choosing the right child care Centre- but if you , as a parent, Are looking for a centrally located Centre that could provide an exemplary educational experience for your child that nurtures  an international perspective with a solid grounding of local values  or  an environment which would instill important qualities of integrity , leadership, adaptability ,resilience, true compassion for others along with  an impeccable academic progress? Then, your search is over!  Feel free to come and visit us for all your queries and concerns with regards to your child’s early childhood education. And we assure to satisfy your needs, by providing facilities with an option for every parent.

Speech & Drama and Communication Skills

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Speech is communicating with one another, and drama is choosing an interesting way to express it, fear of speaking in public or socializing with peers is not uncommon for children. They are anxious, afraid of being ridiculed or being the centre of attention. The truth is, these fears will remain with children and develop long into adulthood if not challenged.

Speech and Drama builds or develops confidence, self-esteem, social skills and conversational ability. It also teaches empathy, providing opportunities for children to experience the world from perspectives outside their own. Speech and Drama lessons are not meant just for reserved children but for the exuberant ones too. Drama is a wonderful way through which they can channel their energies to find innovative methods of creating and expressing!

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Conte Teacher Training Programmes

Great teachers help create great students. In fact, research shows that an inspiring and informed teacher is the most important school-related factor influencing student achievement, so it is critical to pay close attention on the training, and support for both new and experienced educators. Our teacher preparation programs emphasize subject-matter; mastery and provide many opportunities for student teachers, to spend time in real classrooms under the supervision of an experienced mentor. Just as professionals in medicine, architecture, and law have opportunities to learn through examining case studies, learning best practices, and participating in internships, exemplary teacher-preparation programs allow teacher candidates the time to apply their learning of theory in the context of teaching in a real classroom.

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